Tatsumeeko is a multi-chain Metaverse MMORPG game starting from the Solana and Ethereum blockchain. In the pixelated fantasy world of Ielia, adventurers may battle, engage in social activities and build their communities through diverse game modes and characters. Built on top of Tatsu.GG, a renowned Discord gaming application, Tatsumeeko aims to expand to other platforms such as QQ, WeChat, Telegram on Android, iOS, Discord and Web, capitalizing on the synergy between gaming and socialization.

The approach of this team is impressive to say the least. They have created a product that will literally integrate into any other community that exists on discord and other social platforms by providing a fun and easy to learn game that anyone can play and enjoy. Using that community and engagement as leverage, they have the potential to be a huge player in the crypto gaming space.

With the same huge backers that we see with other rock solid projects like Mavia, Tatsumeeko is likely to have lots of money and influence guiding them to success. With the right capital backing, influencers, communities, and support, they are set up for major success with this project.
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