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Our Mission
Our mission is to work with up-and-coming leaders in the space to unleash the true power of web3. Sublime Ventures provides the necessary support for projects through each and every stage of their lifecycle, to catalyze healthy and sustainable growth in the global blockchain ecosystem.

Our portfolio projects receive legally compliant strategic funding as well as the support of some of the brightest minds in the space through our custom-tailored incubation and consultancy services.
Investment Thesis
Blockchain is a disruptive technology that is yet to achieve even a fraction of its full potential. Analogies can be drawn to the “Internet Revolution” two decades ago. The revolution took more than 10 years to happen and was an iterative process. In hindsight, the internet was inevitable. Web3 will be inevitable.

Large institutions are flocking to Web3, spending hundreds of millions of dollars in order to integrate next-gen systems powered by Web3 and establishing a first mover advantage. Despite crypto adoption occurring faster than the adoption of the internet, we are still in the early innings of the web3 revolution.

Here at Sublime Ventures, our focus is on investing in innovative solutions that will accelerate the growth of the sector and form the foundational building blocks of web3. Increasing speed, improving efficiency & ultimately enhancing the end user experience are all vital catalysts to mass adoption. Our specialists are constantly on the lookout for long-term visionaries boasting unique and praise-worthy startups that can create, or innovate in the space and have the potential to become ‘the web3 standard’ in the coming years. Our goal is to not only find, but to aid these projects in becoming the Google, Microsoft or Amazon of Web3.
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